You Want to go WHERE?!?

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine invited me to go to the lady’s Bible study at our church.  It is held in the morning during the work week and since I work for my hubby it was pretty easy for me to take the time off to go join her.  Now, when I said YES I didn’t consider the fact that the majority of the women that would also be available at that time would be SAHMs – not that there is anything wrong with you wonderfully strong women (actually you intimidate me most of the time with your abilities to keep everything running smoothly and I’m over here just trying to keep socks and underwear clean for 2 people, LOL).  It’s just that our differences become GLARINGLY obvious in situations such as this. Which brings me to the true subject of my post.  As an “icebreaker” the leader asked all the women to get up from the table and ask at least 3 other women “If you can go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?” Oh man, did I get excited!!! I have a list so long of all the beautiful places I want to see that the only hard part of this question is picking just one.  I finally had to settle for a tie and told the women that asked me that I would go to FIJI & TAHITI. I mean they are close to each other and if I’m flying half way across the planet, I’m not gonna be forced to choose between them…I’m gonna see both (do I hear an AMEN?).  I expected similar answers of beautiful tropical get aways, or mountain escapes, maybe even Paris or Egypt to see the pyramids but the answers I got were far, FAR from that.  One woman said she just wanted to go to Chicago a mere 8 hour drive from our home, one said Texas (I can get there in less than 7 hours), and the other didn’t even come up with an answer! I was absolutely floored. These places were cool, I’ve actually been to both but they could go ANYWHERE in the world and they decided on these 2 very easily accessible cities/states and left out the entire rest of the earth?!? I thought EVERYONE wanted to see all corners of this beautiful planet, but I quickly learned that, at least in this room, that was not the case.  The ooohs and ahhhs and looks of bewilderment that I received from my answer were almost comical. Some didn’t even know where Fiji and Tahiti were. (GASP!!) And if they did the next thing out of their mouth was “oh that’s where those huts over the water is, right?”  It was like they had never even considered that leaving our country was a possibility, let alone something they would want to do. I realized that so many people either never had a desire to travel or started a family and gave up on their hopes to travel the world.  The hubby and I decided that we didn’t want children because we wanted to travel and experience new places, but we haven’t really been doing much beyond camping at our same favorite campgrounds and visiting our same favorite cities (Hello, I’ve been to Las Vegas so many times that I know all the street names and back routes! LOL). I heard all these women just wanting to go places that I drive to for a weekend trip and that’s when I decided that I needed to start making extra effort to start crossing new places off my list and to start seeing and sharing my adventures so that other people can go there too, even if it is just through the black and white words of my ramblings and photographs.  We have already added the Dominican Republic to our list of places for next year and will be returning back to Mexico in October for the hubby’s 40th birthday (shhhh don’t tell him I told you how old he is 😉 ) We also plan on going camping at new locations around the Midwest as much as the weather will allow this summer.  Are you a hopeless wanderer too or do you prefer to visit places through other’s blogs and Pinterest pins? Where do you want to go?  What would you have answered if you had been in that room? Where is your favorite place to visit? I’d love to hear from you.


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