Sometimes it rains on your celebration…

Have you ever made plans to do something outside and were super excited about it and then it RAINED?!? Yeah, that happened to me last weekend. The hubby and I were celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary (wow that makes me feel a little old) and we have a tradition to go stay out of town to celebrate. The picture above is of a very young me on Myrtle Beach during our honeymoon. We began a tradition then of writing the city and date in the sand whenever we go to the beach.  The last several years, our anniversary trip has been a camping trip to a local state park, which is exactly what we had been planning on doing for at least 3 weeks; especially due to the unseasonable warm January and February we experienced here in the Midwest. As the weekend approached, I noticed all the weather sites talking about a “BIG MIDWEST STORM” heading into town this weekend. Now, this has happened before and they have been completely WRONG so I didn’t let it get me down and continued to research different state parks and campgrounds that we had not yet visited. We had even decided we didn’t mind camping in the rain as we would still be able to cook and explore. Well, then my plans got all wonky (yes, we say wonky in the midwest LOL). All the weather sites started posting the possibility of hail and tornados. SIGH. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see if my tent can withstand hail or a tornado, so our plans were changed. I started researching parks that have cabins but because it was the day before we were planning on leaving and we were planning on taking our wonderful camping buddy and furrbaby, Maya Grace there were no cabins available. So we stayed home and tried to make the best of the situation. We went to the movies for the first time in 3 years. Then we watched Netflix. Lots and lots and lots of Netflix. Which is fun, but not at all what I had wanted to do. I love to be outside with nature, exploring and moving. We finally got a small break in the rain on Sunday and decided to pull our bows out of storage and do a little target practice and even got lucky enough to go on an hour long hike in the woods to hunt for mushrooms without getting too muddy because the trees covered the trail enough to keep it fairly dry. We have definitely discovered that the hubby, the (6 year old) puppy, and I have a lot more fun in the sunshine and really struggle to find fun things to do indoors. This can be a problem since we live in the Midwest and it does rain here. A LOT. Especially in the Spring. So my question for all of you is, what do you do when your plans go south due to the weather? I would love to hear your suggestions of things to do that involve more than just sitting in my living room having a Netflix marathon. LOL.  I will leave you with that question and a few pictures of our hike and target practice (my arrows are the ones on the left, not too bad considering I had never picked up a bow until a year ago)


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