Answering Some Important Questions

Thank you so much for checking out my blog.  I first wanted to address the question that is on your mind – why Zingari?  I know, it is such a strange word that you don’t hear here in the US.  So let me take a few minutes to explain how it all came about. A few years ago, the hubby and I were discussing starting a line of adventure/camping gear and were looking for a name for it.  (Follow me and you will quickly realize that not only are we travel spirited, we are also entrepreneur spirited… which I believe goes hand in hand.) Anywhoooo, I got off topic. We were looking into names and so I started going through a thesaurus and typing in different words that I thought described us, one of the words I searched for was “wanderers” then “nomad” and the synonym “gypsy” popped up.  We both weren’t real thrilled about that name, but we loved the definition that was below it that said “a nomadic or free-spirited person” We realized this fit our camping and adventurous spirits so I kept following the trail and clicked on synonyms again and BOOM! zingari popped up as an italian word for gypsy. Truthfully, zingaro popped up, but then I saw the plural version zingari and just loved how that rolled off my tongue.  All that to say we found this awesome name that captures the spirit of a traveler and then never made a single product. LOL.  We decided the camping market was saturated and until we came up with something really different, we would just hold on to the name.  Flash forward about 2 years and here I am sitting in front of my PC at the hubby’s office (we also own a chiropractic practice) and it took me .002 seconds to name my blog Zingari. That brings me to the other question that I am betting you are asking yourself – why a blog?  I mean it seems like everyone these days has one. Well, David (hubby) and I travel a lot. I mean a lot, A LOT and we make a small amount of money (because well chiro school was expensive so we have to pay for all those bills). As an example, in 2016 we visited over 20 cities in 10 different states and 2 countries and none of our trips cost more than $300!!! That’s right! Are you impressed?  I know we were!  So, after having so many of my friends on facebook comment that they love to watch all of our adventures or that they travel “vicariously” through us because they don’t want to, or can’t, drag their children all over the country every weekend I decided that I needed to share my knowledge and experiences with the world.  So here I am, sitting in our Chiropractic office embarking on another grand adventure – a travel blog.  I hope to help you all find the love and AWE that travel brings to your life like it has mine.  I read a saying once “Traveling is like a book and those that don’t travel read only one page.” ~ St Augustine.  I want to show you how easy and cheaply you can see the world and start reading those pages and I want to introduce you to places off the beaten path, out of the way, hidden gems that can only be discovered by taking the road less traveled. I also want to introduce you to traveling like a local instead of like a tourist, that’s when you get to see the really great stuff, not just the things that you see a thousands times on Google images. Let’s bike across a state, rent a car in a foreign country, and zipline through a forest together! Make sure to follow me so you don’t miss a single adventure and if you know of someplace we should visit or have a question you think would make a great read -shoot me a message, I love to hear from other zingari. I am so looking forward to our adventures together, until next time – keep exploring!


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